Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Our dear customer;

Our order delivery conditions are stated below.

1-Online Shop on our website all products are prepared with care in our florist shops operating our dealers across Turkey are removed from service with special service tools flowers. These products are delivered to all our dealers in Turkey place with the same quality and service approach.

2-Flowers are given to the officers or errands on duty at the hospitals and hospitals, military hospitals and institutions, flowers of the buyers that can not be found during the delivery of the flowers, security officers at the offices of the neighboring circles or apartments at the homes, security officers at the houses, departmental friends at the work places.

3-You can order flowers 7/24 everywhere in the world. You can send orders between 09.00 and 21.00 in the morning.

4-All prices on our website include tax. The city center area has transportation costs. Our company keeps the right to charge a fee for areas outside the city center. In addition to some non-delivery areas, we may charge a fare.

5-Average service time is 3 hours as long as no other time is specified based on the approval time of your order's payment.

6-The products in our site are updated daily according to our stocks. In some of our products, color changes according to stock status may be different without informing the used side materials (glass shape, pebble color, basket,

7-If your address is to be delivered in your order, if the distance is more than 10 km to my branch, a fee is charged upon request.

8-If you do not want to delay the delivery of your order with special reason (order of day, mother's day, etc.) due to the order intensity, you have to give your domestic orders 3 days in advance before 1 day before your overseas orders. We hope that you will tolerate the time differences that may arise on special occasions. On busy days (lovers' day, mothers day, etc.), work is delivered to workplaces during working hours and to houses during the day.

9-Order cancellations must be made before delivery. 3 hours for domestic orders, 1 day for international cancellations, 3 hours for cancellations within Istanbul. Otherwise, order cancellation will not occur.

10-In case you hide your name in orders, our company is not responsible for not accepting and receiving the flower of the buyer. Your daughter will be notified by e-mail or sms after she arrives. 15 TL way to pay a different adrese is sent to or within 5 working days of our company is delivered in bulk.

11-Airline, traffic, etc. for reasons not originating from our company in your orders. there may be delivery delays due to problems.

12-You must make your objections within 1 month from the order date. Otherwise, the objections are not processed.

13-The disagreements that will arise during your shopping are limited to flowers.