Flower Notation

Flower Notation

If you are interested in a bouquet flower or flower basket full of mixed flower arrangements on our website but are unsure about what to write next to the card note, you can use card messages for different situations on this page.


Click on the flower arrangements you can send to congratulate the achievements of your relatives.

Congratulations on your continued success
I wish you happiness
Welcome your health with your wish to bring happiness to health
I wish that you will give all your wishes in your heart to the future while you live the happiness of filling one more age today. Happy Birthday!
Life is for those who do not laugh, do not deserve love, do not forget loyalty, and know how to stay true to friendship. Nice years, my dear ..
I wish your new age will be as colorful as the flowers I send.
New age is not missing a smile on your face.
A new year is a new hope, a new life. I wish you had a year in which you lost your hopes.
Happy New Year, wishes all wishes come true.
Happy to your teacher who grows us like flowers and does not miss his love.
To our beloved teacher who brought us these days, the teachers are happy for your day.
Our precious teacher who is our mother in our school life?
Our precious teacher in our school life, who pardoned us?
Our precious teacher who prepares us for the future by educating

Wish and Wishing

If you want to send flowers for happiness and health, you can browse our recommendations

It was time to finally get free, but we know you can not stand it.
We will not forget you, all beauties in your new life.
In the next life we ​​wish health and happiness.
Now you deserve plenty of rest. I hope the retirement period is also happy and peaceful.
We wish happiness in the future.
Good luck, albeit lucky
If you are good in your new place, we will have profits.
We hope that your opening will be a means of charity, we wish you lots of gains.
We wish you good luck and we hope that this first step will lead to more good steps
We wish that your new business opening will bring you happiness and success and that you will have everything in your heart
Are you happy in your new place?
A new beginning hope is everything you want.
I hope you have plenty of lucrative days waiting for you in your new place.
I wish your new place brings you luck.

Get well soon

Flower suggestions for urgent healing wishes

We are very sick, we want urgent healing.
As soon as you get well.
I want you to pay attention to yourself from now on. Get well soon.
As soon as you get well.
As soon as heals up and asks you to turn around ...
Be very careful of yourself, you are important to us
The mountains are as brave as you and can not be as durable as you. We believe that as soon as possible you will regain your discomfort and see that old strong and caring state. We want urgent healing
We believe that the glitter of your eyes will shine again in the darkness of the sun again. Get well soon
Emergency healing!
I would like you to get well soon.
Get well soon.
I hope you get better soon.
With a wish to get rid of the disease.
I was very sorry. I wish urgent healing.
I will love you as long as your eyes are in my eyes, in love, in my soul body!
Life is good with you. I love you!
Not marine, not wave, not flame, first, forgive if you are not the first one, will you be the last?
No love can pass the size of your love. With the most special human love in my heart
There is no effort in my heart to forget you, nor a wind that blows my love, neither have I strong enough to keep you from seeing you, nor will I be able to withstand my loss.
I'm so sorry that I can not be there, I love you
I gave you the most different and beautiful feelings I've ever had in my heart. I love you
The world's sweetest and most beautiful love
The sun that illuminates your world of existence is a tan like water that refreshes itself. I love you
The most sacred feeling we have in love! I love you and I will love you forever
My best wishes to the only owner
Special dear who adds meaning to life, you deserve the best of everything. I love you
Every day I spend with you makes my life one more time. I love you a tan.
With the color of the flowers that I sent you with me?
I hope that the flowers I send you will not fade against your beauty.
Thank you for your presence in my life. I love you.
Ask the flowers what I love you so much because I whispered in love to you?

Marriage Wedding

Flower arrangements that you can send for happy days like weddings, promises, weddings

We wish happiness for the young couple.
God breathe on a pillow.
Young couples happy for life